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Lightning-powered app lets you play roulette on the blockchain

Lightning-powered app lets you play roulette on the blockchain Blockchain developers won’t be at peace until every single thing in the world is on blockchain. Or, so it seems. Web developer Rui Gomes has created Lighting Spin — a web app that lets you play roulette over Bitcoin Lightning Network. The app lets you wager anywhere between 1,000 Satoshi (approximately 6¢) to 100,000 Satoshi (approximately $6) per round. All you need to play the game is load your balance using a wallet service with support for the Lightning Network – like Eclair, for instance. You can choose the multiplier you want to wage at. This means that if you wager 1,000 Satoshis with multiplier factor of five — you will win or lose 5,000 Satoshis depending upon the outcome. If you win, you can withdraw your rewards through Lightning Network as well. But to do this, your wallet service should be able to create invoices. The payments are processed through OpenNode, a Lightning-enabled Bitcoin payment processor for merchants. Gomes shared a video of the Roulette in action: Over a million satoshis were paid out within the first few hours, don’t miss out on the action and get spinning!

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MGM Springfield table games: Here are the basics on baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette and more

But strategy is complex. Players also need to be aware there is something called "basic strategy," a set of instructions for playing blackjack developed over millions of hands. Deviate too far from these norms, such as by splitting a pair of 10s into separate hands, and the other players will be upset. Craps is a dice game where one player, the shooter, throws dice and other players bet. It's one of the most popular games on the casino floor, Westerfield said, and any craps game is sure to draw a noisy crowd. "I think it's the communal effect.

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